Beleuvenissen Folk 2012

I had been working quite late and felt quite exhausted and so did Jan. So we weren't exactly in the mood to go and hang out at Beleuvenissen. Yet the program looked so great and it is really only a short walk away from our door. 

So off we went for a brief visit to the yearly friday evening concerts everywhere in the city center. 
We first heard the end of the concert of Hanelore Bedert and Raymond Van 't Groenewoud. Two super artists that I love very much. Unfortunately the sound was pretty awefull which didn't give them the credit they should get.

We headed to see the Levellers which was good fun.  Always awesome to stamp in the crowd to "A beautiful Day" or "One Way"...but also their long didgeridoo solo where the sound started to vibrate the entire square until my pants were trembling and some people around protected their ears with their amazing. 
Glad I got out after all for part of the evening!


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