Made in Belgium: Het zesde metaal

Recently I started reading some very enthusiastic responses to "Ploegsteert" on several blogs.  Ploegsteert immidiately makes the association in my mind to a former famous talentful Belgian cycler which unfortunately couldn't handle his potential and went downhill on doping .  Indeed the folkgroup "Het zesde metaal" (the 6th metal) brings in Ploegsteert a tribute to Frank Van Den Broeke. In this time where the Tour de France sucks all sport attention to the cycling sport again, it seems appropriate to bring this.

Honestly, the recent posts on "Ploegsteert" were the first thing I ever heard of Het zesde metaal. This folk group had totally escaped from my radar until now.  They bring folk/kleinkunst in the Westvlaams dialect. I must say....they won me over right from the start of Ploegsteert.  I'm still a folkie inside I guess



Keuning van de jacht


Brian Miller said…
cant understand it, but i really like the gentleness of voice and rather soothing rhythm to it...

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