Made in Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa

It's Eurovision time!!! whoohoo.

But I missed the semi-final on Tuesday because I was abroad and to be honest, I've never heard the full Belgian song yet until know.  This year it's Wallonia's turn (the southern Frenchspeaking part of Belgium) to send a contestant and as often these don't get airplay in Flanders so we are often just as surprised to hear our own song as we are while watching other countries :p.  Even more, I have the impression that the Flemish were more interested in following the Dutch performance of Anouk, a well-known rock chick , that in my opinion sent in a total non-rocking song.

I've learned in the mean time that Roberto Bellarosa is the winner of "The Voice Belgique",   the contest of The Voice of ... broadcast in Wallonia (yeah yeah in Flanders there was the Voice of Flanders and in Wallonia they have the Voice Belgique even though half of the country is unaware of it).

Given our recent track record and the rather medium song we are sending, I wouldn't have bet that we make the finals but we did (and so did Anouk).  So we can cheer again on Saturday in the Eurovision songcontest final.  Whoohoo.


Brian Miller said…
nice...was just talking to another blog friend about this today....
best of luck in the finals

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