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I really like the dynamic templates in Blogger but they give constant issues with some browers and seem to also have issues in allowing you all to leave a comment on my blog.

and I must admit: I love receiving comments. It's fun to know that a visitor came by and to hear their response to my post. I am very curious when I type a post, what you'll think about it.  And in all honesty, for those of you that click through from's actually more fun to receive a comment on my blog itself as that stays linked to the post forever while FB updates & comments disappear as soon as there's enough other posts in the feed to catch our attention.

So anyway....hope this boring straight forward template will work better now.


Jennifer Brown said…
I agree, I love getting comments. And you are great at it. As I know how much I love them I try to make it a habit to do to others as well.

Brian Miller said…
ok you get a yay from me...smiles...i have such a hard time commenting on the dynamic view...having to refresh after each post and then again at times....

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