Canadian visit

Last week we had the joy to have my Canadian host sister Lisa & her husband Jason and their half-year old cutie, staying with us for a couple of days...and hanging out again with them in Amsterdam as well.

While both of them had already visited Belgium before, they both looked for a rather relax & laid-back visit (at least so I interpreted it to my own benefit as my heavy work schedule & the heat didn't truly permit us to fill up an entertaining tourist visiting schedule).  So we all enjoyed just hanging out at home, BBQ-ing and having some snacks on one of the many terraces in Leuven, making goofy faces to the baby who returned them with a contagious smile. We immediately could test some of our first baby stuff in the house already and got it approved by our gracious tester :p.

Then we all traveled to Amsterdam via our own transport, Jan and I for work, Lisa & Jason for leisure and met up there again :) . So good to be able to spend time again together after we've not seen each other in 2 years (and honestly then our travel itinerary only allowed too short time to catch up).  Thank goodness we're all quite active travelers so I'm confident our babies will meet reasonable soon (again) somewhere.

Our little one already has its Canucks outfit ready!   Go Canucks! :)


Brian Miller said…
ha. cute outfit...and glad you got to spend time together...2 years and longer is some time....we just spent the weekend with a bunch of friends we had not seen in 8 years....

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