Hall in transformation

During the major renovations in our house, we never truly finished the hallway...the newly built/renewed part was freshly plastered, the old part had some old paint ...both areas abruptly going from one into another. Later one some windows where renewed...also adding fresh plaster over the old paint. The addition of support beams had created some cracks and all finishing touches were missing. 

We had always hesitated how to approach our lang narrow staircase hallway, in a safe approach. After a while you don't notice the unpainted walls anymore and they were left as they were. Then we were renovating in the Ardennes first. This winter I realised that with the baby on its way, the chances were even slimmer that we'd ever finish this part of our house in a reasonable amount of time ourselves.   

Last days we're camping in our own house and literally trying to be out of the house as much as we can, either spending time in the Ardennes, at our work or ... because our hallways has been invaded by professional painters. Yeay, finally the much needed transformation. So looking forward to see the finished part :)


Brian Miller said…
woot...hope they get it finished up for you...i like the curling railing....

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