No more gypsy

Over the last years, I spread my time each week over 3 locations usually: home , part of the workweek in Amsterdam and many weekends in the Ardennes. I have a small suitcase trolley that never gets entirely emptied: my toiletries bag etc just never leave it.  Since a few weeks I'm not commuting to Amsterdam anymore but I work from home or the Belgian office (and take a lot of vacation days to build a long weekend).    And today I went for the last time with my big belly to the has simply become too uncomfortable to take long drives.   Ugh, my back kills me after a while in the car. Strange though that next time I'll be there with our tiny little baby :).

So my gypsy life has been tamed for the coming weeks and that feels actually quite odd.  As if my world has shrunk.  But it's also a little bit a relief for now.

It's also funny how I constantly catch myself to think in "gypsy/ on the go" mode.
E.g. buying groceries   "Oh have to make sure I don't buy a lot if not we have too much left-overs again...oh wait, I'm home the next days as well, I guess it doesn't matter".
E.g.  "Oh weekend is almost over, I'd better quickly finish that basket of laundry so I have a good choice of clean clothes when I pack my suitcase...ah in fact, there's no rush, might as well do the laundry tomorrow as well, I'm home anyway".
E.g. "Ah, I'm home tonight to watch 'Thuis' (soap), cool.....oh, I'm home every night now, I don't miss it half of the week anymore if I want to see it each day. Hmmpff, each day might be a bit too much. "


Brian Miller said…
smiles. you will be on the go again soon...but chasing little feet...ha...and hey you already have the beg ready for the hospital then...smiles.
Brian Miller said…
exhortation....orating or speaking with passion....

and yes they are true of our story...ha...each one a story on its own...smiles.

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