Coming home

After 4 days in the hospital getting pampered, getting advice (I loved that red button above the bed, to ring when you are uncertain Kabouter is latching fine or whether he's drinking enough or if you should put some gloves on him when we fear his sharp nails might scratch himself, or ...) , recovering from the delivery , ... it was time to pack up our room where we had gathered already an amazing amount of stuff around us.

It was time to go home, his real home with us .
It was time to start live as a family of three.

That was emotional for me :)

Kabouter wasn't too happy to try out the maxi cosi car seat at all and announced his departure in the maternity with much noise.

But riding in the car was a kind of new interesting experience...there is life outside of the maternity room, why had nobody told him so?

Only to arrive home sound asleep


Jennifer Brown said…
Arlen, he's so beautiful and precious.

Don't be surprised if lots of things are emotional these days. It's a whole new world of experiences.


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