Visiting Luxemburg

As a child I've been once in Luxemburg city as far as I can remember.   The only image that I had in my memories is a very high arched bridge. And after our new visit, the deep valley(s) canyoning the city in different sides remains he predominant association.  For some reason that landscape feels unwelcoming to me, as a big hurdle to overcome constantly when going from one city part to the other and forcing the city to cramp all buildings on too limited space on the hills.    It's silly as the valley is in fact a huge park to visit and with all the bridges and elevators, it's truly not that difficult to visit. But somehow Luxemburg and I don't seem to click. Nevertheless I realize there is nice historic landmarks to see but if you expect to be able to sighsee more than a day, then you'll be bored.  Yet I think if we would have been there on a sunny day, I'd have truly enjoyed a long stroll around, including descending & climbing up the valley again on foot and I might have retained a totally different memory. 

The parliament and palace of the Grand-Duke

Statue of Grand-Duchess Charlotte

Arbed, the old seat of the metal company that owns also in Belgium the major steel production plants


Brian Miller said…
ah i think i could find something to keep me busy...ha...there are those places though that just dont resonate....

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