New skills

It's so fun to see how Kabouter evolves.  One week he discovers he can take his feet and then he holds them up all the time,   a week later he is holding up and turning his hands up in the air as if they are 2 miracles,   then he pays a lot of attention what is on the floor and bends forward all the time.

A few weeks ago he started shaking "no"...fairly random and without context yet so it's still rather funny (I realize there will be a point in the future where his no's will be seeking constant opposition and I'm sure it won't be funny to me anymore then...but until then I enjoy myself making up fake funny conversations with him).


He can also sit now for a fairly long time up without support and play a bit....but we need to remain carefull ensure "soft" surroundings as he roles over without warning as well.

And now he won't lay on his back anymore: immediately he rolls over on his coming up next: crawling??


Brian Miller said…
ha. cool age...they are starting to do things...and be able to support themselves....smiles...i think when they shake their head there is a sensation that happens...

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