Standing up: just a piece of cake

2 weeks ago at the diving site, I thought Kabouter was enjoying himself calmly & safely in an empty dive gear box when he all of a sudden gave me a heart attack: he casually pulled himself up and was upright, leaning against the side of the box, almost tilting it over.

For the rest of the afternoon and then onwards, he repeats the new skill regularly and he gets so much joy in standing up proudly. He shows it off in all variations:  pulling him up, standing up and then turning around or releasing one of his 2 hands or lifting up one of his 2 legs. It's as if he wants to moderate our enthousiasm on his progress by proving that this skill is truly just a piece of cake.

And so we are in a rush lowering the bottom of his play parks at home & in Ardennes and his beds to keep him safe.


Korie said…
Ooh watch out now! It'll be like a snowball going down a hill with how much he'll move!

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