Venice Beach & Santa Monica near LA

After the Sierra Nevada and the Mojave Desert, we turned to the westcoast and arrived in LA.  As we approched, traffic picked up, the density of roads increased   and by the time we reached Pasadena, we were in traffic jams.  I hate traffic jams.  Beforehand I didn't feel very excited to go to LA and the busy traffic to arrive at our hotel didn't make it any better.  

I really didn't feel any desire to head back direction of downtown so we went to the beach to relax a bit with the view of the Pacific Ocean. First we stopped in Venice where we walked up and down along the beach, passed street artists, "green doctors" and street merchants. Quite a vibrant community of ...well a lot of weirdo's too.  

Then we headed further to Santa Monica to stroll along the nice modern street houses, explore the big pier  (why o why do they allow people to park on it as well? such a pity to have some of it as parking lot). We ended with a very delicious meal in a downtown Santa Monica restaurant.


Brian Miller said…
again, kabouters face in that pic by himself...what a cool smile...

could have told you that about traffic on the left coast...ugh...i have nightmare

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