After spending a few days among the customer care colleagues I learned

  • There's adults that dare to send e-mails in purple comic sans ms 
  • There's customers who think we sell an innovative product against mosquito hares (?!?)
  • There's many Belgians that belief they are good in DIY when they really aren't...then they need help to fix it after they've messed around with silicones, tape,  cords, pebbles (?!?), ...
    We also apparently have a very strong urge to all paint over the ID plaque of the products.
  • There's people that think that an e-mail to ask for "the reference of a spare part for a window" will result in an accurate response. 
  • There's people that buy a competing product and when it's broken, phone us to see if we have advice to fix it.
  • There's people that only want an open/close function but buy a domotica system and then phone furiously because the remote control is too complicated for humans, full of options that just bug people. 
  • There's people that phone to get an article reference but when you give it to them, they first need to park the car to be able to write it down 
  • Flemish people send e-mails, Walloons pick up the phone to ask for support


Brian Miller said…
haha...a spare part for a window....def specific enough....ha....and purple comic sans....ha...i dont think they would take you seriously here...smiles.

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