Working in Hamburg

It doesn't always has to be Jan who is travelling. So I left last week for a workshop to Hamburg in Germany.  2 days of meetings in a large international group, fortunately interrupted by some small Lego games. Lucky Kabouter: I got to keep the ninja afterwards. 

In the evening we went to see Miniatur Wunderland in Speicherstadt, the historic wharehouse area of the Hamburg harbour. The Miniaturland at first seemed an odd location and some odd maquettes but it's 2 very large floors of intriguing details. After 90 minutes we really had not seen all of it. I saw parts of Italy, Switserland, Austria and Hamburg including a running miniature airport, markets, accidents, a pop festival, trains, Spencer Tunick's art on the Aletsch glacier, fighting people, ...

Thanks to our dinner in Speicherstadt, I got to see the UNESCO area in all it's glory at night. 

When the workshop was finished on our second day, I could kill some time and move at ease to the next hotel to check in, before I went to the airport to pick up my boys who would join me for a small family city trip over the weekend.


ElsS said…
Need to make a mental post, want to visit Hamburg too some time in the future

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