The Getty Center & Hollywood

During our California vacation in May we visited the Getty Center & Hollywood & Beverly Hills in the LA area.  

A good friend had recommended the Getty Center and she knows me well as I absolutely loved it.  It's a very modern complex on top of one of the LA hills with gorgeous vista's, filled with the world's best art. You must park down the hill in a huge nice car park and a little cable tram pulls you up the hill to the center.  

We strolled through the different complexes of art and I tried to suck in the Monet's, Van Gogh's, Rembrandts, much as I could. Unfortunately Kabouter had a very fussy morning and couldn't appreciate all the art. So we sort of rushed through the galleries , then strolled through the garden complex where his whiny attitude was less disturbing and had a snack.    But much much sooner than I would have wished, we were leaving again.  This is the only place in LA where I'd like to come back too and spend an entire day.

A very typical view of LA for me: with dominant huge busy freeways crossing everywhere

Once back at the car, Kabouter fell asleep and didn't even notice anymore the loading in the car, neither the unloading once we had reached Hollywood.  Due to some wrong guiding on my behalf, we found ourself 16 blocks from where we intended to be, so after a good walk we finally reached the touristic side of Hollywood.   Must say that the walk up to there through the residential areas of eg Melrose Avenue was much nicer than the tourist trap on Hollywood Avenue.  But at least we had seen it.   Now I don't need to go there anymore.


Brian Miller said…
ha. on checking off that from your list...we did that in NYC as well...the high line though i love to return to....

that art gallery sounds cool...that red tree is awesome looking...will have to check it out if i make it to the left coast...

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