Facade painting variations

More than 2 years after we bought the paint and planned to refresh the back facade in the Ardennes, I finally managed to get started on it.   This greyed concrete "crepi" that had never seen any bit of paint surely could use a bit of cleaning. 

I started off with a transparent first layer of prime paint ...which was a very good test of my intrinsic motivation as you could not tell any result whatsoever as soon as it was done. 

Proof of that: this facade is now half painted with a prime layer...can you tell?

Unforatunately I used about twice as much as the bottle would have indicated so I ran out of paint, and we could only find "white" prime to continue....ha, now I could see how the walls would start to look!  Brilliant. Just hope that the use of 2 different prime paints will not show in the end result. 

And while I primed almost everything, except for a top corner that I could not/dared not to reach , I also took a start for one part of final paint :).
So int his picture you can try to spot:  a non painted wall, a transparently primed wall, a white primed wall, a white primed+ white painted piece and a transparent primed + white painted piece :)


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