Relaxing in Gran Canaria

So exactly as planned, we did nothing at all last week, where we stayed in the South of  Gran Canaria. Well, we were sun tanning on our balcony during Kabouter's naps, reading some books and then playing in the baby pool with him when he was awake.  And the next day we did the same,  and the next day again.  I have no clue if there was any worthwhile of sight seeing in the neighborhood as I never looked into that.  So I have no clue if Gran  Canaria is a nice island to visit.  We've left the hotel 3 times: twice to walk as far as 500m to some nearby stores & terraces, once to walk the full 2 km to the weekly market.   That was more than enough. The rest of the time we were always in the triangle of our room, the pool or the hotel restaurant.   The best triangle you can have!

And time flew by while being so busy doing nothing at all ...

And before we knew it, we were already back home, ... Here we are now, missing the pool, missing the friendly waiters, missing our big sunny balcony and sun beds.


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