Christmas market in Edinburgh

While Sinterklaas was still dropping off his last presents before rushing back to his vacation resort in Spain, we managed to get in the Christmas mood for the first time thanks to the gorgeous Christmas market in Edinburgh.    The latter has been growing steadily over the last years, so even Jan who has lived for multiple years in the Scottisch capital was positively surprised.  There's 3 rows of nicely decorated stalls in the Princes Street Gardens & next to the art galeries with a Santa Land down below the gardens, an ice rink and even a little train riding a mini mini itinerary through the attractions.   Also St Andrew Square has been transformed to a Christmas market with ice rink.  

Ha,   you clearly don't need to go to Germany anymore to stroll over some very nice Christmas markets :) and get the small of eggnog,   candles, grilled sausages, .... in our nose.


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