My 2014 overview

No not the FB generated one, but my choice of 12 (ok 13) key pictures

January 2014

I was home , very busy with job hunting.
This picture cracked me up then...and it still does

February 2014

In February I got a project mgt certification abroad, while being struck with flue during the examinations but I nailed it anyhow.
Right after my job hunt ended already much quicker than I had dared to hope.

March 2014
We spent a long weekend in Berlin with my parent's-in-law and discovered all the diverse aspects of this historic city as well as the beauty of Potsdam and also got to meet a blog friend for the first time in real life!

April 2014

April started with Kabouter's baptism

May 2014

Early May we flew to California and toured through 6 national parks and hang out in Las Vegas, LA and San Francisco.  Some locations brought back very precious memories from the Rotary Western Safari tour with the exchange students in '95  but I saw so many gorgeous new places as well (and I confirmed my dislike for LA!).

June 2014
We enjoyed some early summer days in the garden in the Ardennes.  Just hanging around for a weekend but such precious time.

July 2014

in July we restored the tradition of going to Center Parcs with friends, but this time was very different as it was the first time we were in the vacation park as young parents. 

August 2014

At the end of August we always have a few birthdays and an anniversary to celebrate in our families...time for a lot of hurrays.

September 2014

In September we finished my parent's new garden house, a family project where we had jointly worked on with the entire family over the summer months.  We were all very proud but also very relieved when it was finished. 

Kabouter's first birthday is worth a 2nd picture this month.

October 2014

Early October we enjoyed a weekend away in Amsterdam, where we could rediscover the city we mainly knew professionally.

November 2014

Early November we sucked in much needed sun and rest on vacation in Gran Canaria.  That was definitely a vacation worth repeating in the future!

December 2014

Last 1,5 year it seems a struggle to find time in our agenda's to enjoy sufficient time in our get-away in the Ardennes.  But we are making it up now at the end of the year in this gorgeous winter wonderland! 


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