This year it still took some guidance to put the shoes in front of the fire place ...and to leave them there. 

But look what happened when we put Kabouter upstairs in his bed for a nap!! Just then of course Sinterklaas had come by!  surprise surprise ;)

So someone had some nice waking up...although still quite oblivious to the Good Holy Man that had granted him a visit. He was too busy grabbing the little cookies with one hand while managing with his other the sound buttons of his new toys.

Later on the evening a bad accident happened: the freight train with animals all of a sudden crashed into a nectarine that appeared back out of nowhere after I had cleaned-up all the edible gifts to the kitchen.  The nectarine was total- loss and there was a lot of juice damage to the surroundings.   Kabouter himself was smelling very citrus-like :)


Brian Miller said…
ha. but the crash at the end of the night i imagine was quite cute...smiles...glad he had a good boys still get excited for christmas...
Jenn said…
Love the joy on his face.


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