Review 2014 in questions

I don't usually don't do so many reviews, but found lately some nice question lists/ meme's on Belgian blogs and so I am just bluntly stealing them.   These come from Lotte .

What event made 2014 unforgettable to you ?
I changed jobs in 2014 and I was for the first time a "working mom" which can be challenging especially to pick up Kabouter before closing time. I work not too far away and my working hours are favorable, yet the last couple of kms into town can be completely jammed.

We also enjoyed traveling with a baby/young toddler.

What is the  beste that you saw on tv in 2014?
Since my maternity leave where I saw for the first time  Castle episodes in the correct order (and not the occasional rerun where I mingled different years) ,  I really became a fan of the series.  In general I love detectives/crime series on tv: Bones, Castle, ... Since  many many years I also still watch the Flemish soap Thuis.

I enjoyed "Wauters vs Maes" and also "Reizen Waes" where he visited the most untouristic travel destinations.

I rarely watch VTM but "Tegen de Sterren op" parodies are just priceless and so is "Safety First".  I also love "The biker boys" with it's great parody on travel programs, which just started airing 2 weeks ago.

I also love historic series and have enjoyed last year "the Borgias", the last season.

What was your favorite movie of the year?

none...I need to think which movies I would have watched to the end this year and there's nothing that comes to mind immediately. I am not a movie watcher anymore. Somehow my attention span has shrunk under the duration of a movie. 

What was the best group/song of  2014?

"Happy" by Pharell was surely a contagious happy song last summer and the hit "Home" by Dotan was great too and "Bullit" from Watermat as well.

I am still in awe by the work of Stromae, but the singles in 2013 (Papaoutai & Tous les mêmes) were better than the 2014 singles though ("Ta fête")

At the end of the year I discovered thanks to Kabouter the music by Captain Winokio and over the last week we became totally addicted. Hahahaha super cool child music which is in fact just fun party music for the parents :).  Party party.

What is the best book that you've read in 2014?
I am shocked by how little I read lately.  In fact I've only been reading on vacation lately and that's the usual suspects:   Jodi Picoult or Michael Connely for entertainment and I've also enjoyed a non-fiction book from Steven Van Belleghem.

What is your new year's resolution for 2015?
I don't do new year's resolutions. I don't understand to artificial start of good intentions. If you have a good intention, just do it and don't wait for the start of a new year.  And don't search something because there is the start of a new year.  
Otherwise, don't put too much pressure on yourself either with unrealistic expectations. There's enough pressure as it is.   Just enjoy yourself, improve where you can when you can but in a way that doesn't stress you out.

Which present would you like to find under the tree this year?

A new smart phone. I dropped mine 1,5 years ago and the glass was cracked.  That upset me quite as it was a fairly new phone and smartphones are expensive, so I didn't allow myself to just rush to a new one. I managed to continue to use it perfectly fine until last summer, when the cracks had spread so much and the changes in temperature caused the phone touch screen to freak out.

Over the last months I have used a previous old phone that is really not smart anymore.
But my new phone has been ordered and should arrive soon :) :)

What was your best buy in 2014?
my new macbook.

What did you do in 2014 that you've never done before ?
Fly with a baby
Work for my current employer

Which countries did you visit in the past year? 

Germany, Netherlands, US, Spain, UK, Denmark, 

What do you want in 2015 that you didn't have in 2014?
wow though question. I don't know right away. Maybe that's is not about "wanting new stuff" all the time ;)  

Which dates of 2014 stick in your memory?

Start of new job,   baptism of Kabouter,  his first birthday, ...

On what did you spend most money? 

travel although we tried to plan in such a way that we could combine to the maximum loyalty points for hotels and transport. 

What were you very enthusiastic about? 
Touring through California  previous spring   and seeing magnificent American National Parks. 
In contrast I also hugely enjoyed our "relax, don't do anything, don't even leave the hotel" vacation in Gran Canaria.

In comparison with the year before, are you now richer or poorer?
Due to the fact that I found a new job really quickly, 2014 was a good financial year.

What would you have loved to do more of?
We seem to make it much less frequently in the Ardennes than we'd wish and if we do, it's often a short rush visit.  I wish we could simply stay/live there more days.

I also would love to work more often "from home" again as I was used to in the past.

What would you have loved to have done less?
Spend time in the car in a traffic jam

What did you do on your birthday? 
Work as any other day. 
But before you pity me, we had spent the weekend before in Amsterdam and we went out for a really nice dinner afterwards. 

What do you wish for your readers? 

First of all a good health as that is the base of all happiness. Then the ability to just enjoy simple banal things without striving constantly what you don't have at that moment.  And time with family & friends. 


Jenn said…
Great review of the year!


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