A last walk in the snow??

We made it very briefly to the Ardennes today, up and down for the day.   Usually I don't have the motivation to go if we can only be there so briefly but I really felt like making another walk in the snow before it's gone.  

While the rest of Belgium starts dreaming of Spring, we headed back to the highest area of Belgium where the rain of the previous days has turned the area back a bit white just before it had all melted. The sun joined us as well, so it was great for a last walk in the winter wonderland. I guess it'll be gone by the next time we can get there...who knows.

Jan's still bugged by bugs so I had the honor to carry Kabouter on my belly while Jan trailed along at a little bit more distance. Just when I was going to suggest to extend our walk up to the next village at a road split, Kabouter had had enough of hanging idle so I did not need to pronounce the suggestion at all.  Fortunately I could magically turn up a cookie out of my pocket and we could make it back home in peace.


Brian Miller said…
ha. we are supposed to get another clipper coming through on thursday...1-3 inches...so i might get one more walk in the snow..

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