Boy's flu

The flu is in our house since a week, when Jan returned home from Paris sick.   You might not have noticed that it's been really quiet here, since I had been really blogging productive 10 days ago with more than a week worth of prescheduled posts (yeah, I'm a cheater :)).

Instead I've been busy visiting friends and family and doing a lot of shopping over the weekend, going to a volunteering meeting and a new year's reception with the little one...  By doing so I was giving Jan a bit of rest in a quiet house (that got replenished with food)  while at the same time I was hoping that Kabouter and I would have less opportunity to be caught by the bugs if we were out so often.   It's the first time I've seen Jan so sick for so long, not just miserable from man's flu but the real thing.

On Tuesday I picked up a highly feverish Kabouter from the daycare and I could spend part of my evening in the doctor's office.  It's amazing however how quickly such a little one can switch back and forth with the help of some fever medicine.

So far, touch wood, I am only very tired from rushing around without much time for myself in the evening and from sleeping badly with 2 sick boys in the house.  Oh well, it's almost weekend.


Brian Miller said…
ugh. the flu this year was very bad....hard when the little ones are sick too...hope everyone feels better soon....

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