Music Flashback: Beat-it

When I was a pre-schooler, I started to have interest in the music on the radio and I started singing along.  As a little Dutch speaking toddler in a world full of English speaking pop-music, this singing along would be phonetic parroting without realising any of the meanings for at least another decade to come.  Hell, I still sometimes have huge "aha erlebniss/eureka" moments when I realise what some of my child iconic songs is truly about!

One of the songs I really liked to "sing" was Beetit Beetit Beetit noshiwasshiwasshi beetitttt beetit.

On a Sunday morning the radio is on as always in the kitchen, broadcasting a local radio station and all of a sudden the DJ stated that the next song was going to played especially for little Goofball, the little sister of Goofball's sister.  Whaaaaa, they were talking about me! On the radio! Magic!

"Beetit Beetit Beetit noshiwasshiwasshi beetitttt beetit."

My sister stormed into the kitchen right after, waving a bright orange cassette tape, which she proudly pushed in the tape recorder in the kitchen...and there was the announcement again
"Did you hear it?  I requested that song for you! Cool huh.  I have it on tape.   Right after "We hebben allemaal een neus" from Vader Abraham , which I have also recorded for you.  here, this is your cassette , for you, with music you like.

And now in a top closet, a bit out of reach and a bit forgotten, among my >200 other cassette tapes from my childhood sits still the bright orange cassette tape , the very first I have ever owned thanks to my sister.  I have no more tape player to put it in, but I will not throw it away.

"Beetit Beetit Beetit noshiwasshiwasshi beetitttt beetit."


Brian Miller said…
i still remember when this song first came out....jackson was such a fresh sound and innovator....
Brian Miller said…
i have some of those mix tapes still too...

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