Ordinary things that make me happy

Lillith made a list of ordinary things that makes her happy, based on a column that is published each week.  I totally agree that happiness comes from the ability to enjoy ordinary daily things, so it can be worthwhile to list some of these.  
  • Listening to Kabouter's drinking on my chest, cosy on our bed in the semi-dark, just before he goes to sleep  (or when waking up).  
  • Coming home and finding a parking spot right in front of our house 
  • A tickle fight with Kabouter or Jan,  sitting together,  those 30 seconds of drowsy cheek-to-cheek when I carry him downstairs in the morning, ...or simply watching his adorable grin.
  • Realising that the book I just started to read is a page-thriller that will keep me going. 
  • Waking up and realizing I slept in
  • A beautiful orange ball rising up at the at the horizon in the morning when I drive to work...or some sunbeams falling through the forest on the golden leaves in the fall. 
  • Discovering a robin in the garden
  • Tortilla chips with salsa as appetizer
  • A good mojito in the summer
  • Waking up in winter time, consciously feeling the warm little nest that my bed has become and turning around once more for a snooze (or two or three)
  • Cooking a meal and being really proud of the result  
  • A summer evening late outside on the terrace, reading, talking , having a drink or smoking a water pipe while darkness falls, bats start flying by 
  • The purring of a cat on your lap
  • Dozing off on a sunbed...and allowing it to happen
  • Coming home on the day that the cleaning lady has come
  • Making a long walk in beautiful nature
  • Going under when scuba diving and hearing the bubbles of my breathing
  • A hug
  • Confusing/Amusing some Dutch colleagues/friends  with a Flemish phrase
  • Having my bangs cut finally after they had been annoyingly long for a few weeks 
  • Feeling the floor heating on my bare feet
  • A vase of tulips in Spring
  • Singing loudly along with the music in the car together with Jan  (while Kabouter in the back is clearly amused by his crazy parents)
  • A warm towel that has rested on the heating radiator after my shower
  • Unintended saying something silly and watching Jan start to laugh
  • Someone who passes you by on the bike, who is humming/singing along with his/her music
  • Reading the humoristic/sarcastic/creative tweets for a specific hash tag on twitter when something is getting mocked with reason in social media 
  • A toilet when I really need to go
  • A back or shoulder massage
  • The moment that you can slip into dry comfy & soft jogging suit after been out in the rain and cold
  • Your nose that pops open all of a sudden after having been clogged for hours
  • Spaghetti bolognaise or macaroni cheese or fries as comfort food after exhausting difficult day
  • Smelling my baby fresh out of bath
Do you wanna read what other people listed (in Dutch) ? Lillith listed the other blog posts


Brian Miller said…
oh I got to sleep in a bit yesterday...it was amazing...I remember when that happened with young kids I actually got scared...like what is wrong, why are they so quiet...lol

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