Snow is fun if your hands are not cold

It snowed now and then a little bit in Belgium previous week but it melted each time...except above 500m. There it is slowly accumulating to 20-40cm. Yeaay, all Belgian ski runs are open (cross-country and the handfull existing downhill ones) . 

Luckily enough the neighbors had already shoveled the entire driveway we share together, but we still had a little fun clearing out our parking spot where we piled up the snow half a meter high. 

We walked to the nearby village and then pulled Kabouter via the Ravel (old railway) bike path in his sledge. We still had to drag a trace for him. He loved the hobbling through the snow at first with a big smile and even kept his gloves on for a short while.

But then as usual the gloves had to come off (and after we put them on again, they went off again)
and then of course he was curiously touching the snow
and then of course his hands were cold
and being in the sledge was no longer fun at all. 

But a transfer back from the sledge to daddy's belly stopped the crying after the while much to our relief and we got home after a lovely walk with a sleeping kid.


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