Why parent's get nothing done

This is circling on FB at the moment and it's hilarious (to young parents) as it is so recognisable and true.

  • Climbing in the dishwasher and unloading the cutlery while I'm loading or grabbing breakable dishes : check
  • Turning box with toys upside down as soon as we try to clean them up: check
  • Making a food mess and creating new hairstyles with banana & potatoes as starch : check
  • Placing hands in every possible mirror, preferably toothpaste saliva creamed hands, especially when it just got cleaned again: check
  • Taking things out of the garbage if he sees us throwing something in: check
  • Swimming through the dust if you've are sweeping the floor: check
  • Closing the fridge in between 2 items that you are taking out...but standing in the open fridge door that you are trying to close : check 
  • Running off with the socks that you are trying to pair again after laundry : check
  • Running off with your keys when you have to leave in a rush: check
  • Stretching out on toes and taking the cutlery that you've just put on the table before dinner: check
  • ....


Brian Miller said…


been through all of those as well...

and i dont mind the snow...we have been sledding up til yesterday...it was -9 F this morning...too cold...ha...

those five to eight inches tomorrow will be a warm up...ha

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