Our travelling Kabouter

When we went out to Stockholm we were already planning our main vacation for this year.  We were deeply in doubt on the destination and how far we'd dare to fly with our little Kabouter.

It was a big relief to see how well he travelled once again with us on the city trip. In the waiting time at the airport he has fun racing around, waving to people and testing Jan's patience to take him on the pedestrian walkway over and over again. 

On the flight he reads books, watches some movies, puzzles, walks up and down and plays peekaboo with volunteering other passengers. On the way back he had been up for quite a while and while we waved goodbye to the other airplanes on the runway, he all of a sudden hid his face in my armpit....and he was asleep to our astonishment. For the first time since a while we also managed to keep him occupied during an entire mail in his seat in a restaurant without running around. 

Cross our fingers that he keeps up his good travelling habits in the rest of the year!!


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