10 years of Goofballsworld !!!!

This weekend my blog turned 10 years old.    10 years of (a lot of ) my life has been captured here. Wow.

10 years that makes up for :

  • 2183         blog posts  (0,59 post per day)
  •     88         draft posts with ideas, intentions, half started stories that hopefully get publication                      one day
  • 4203         comments left on my blog itself (1,92 per post) which is mostly a result from the                        early years.  Lately unfortunately all comments seem to go on Facebook which is                        much more  momentary, quickly disappearing from everyone's attention down into                    the feed and no longer linked to the post itself.   So this is a welcome invitation to                      please leave your comments on the blogpage itself. 
  •     49         tags under which I currently categorize my posts

So how to celebrate. In the first place by continuing .   But I might investigate if I can get somehow these first 10 years printed into a probably impressive little book. That would be cool, wouldn't it? 


yab said…
Dikke proficiat! Er zijn tegenwoordig niet meer veel bloggers die het zolang volhouden. Heb zelf ooit eens een pdf-versie van mijn blog gemaakt. Dat bleek al aan aardig dik boek te zijn. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Champagne! Feestje! Proficiat!

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