Back in the country of...

We were the previous weeks back in the country of

  • mountains
  • lakes
  • creeks
  • deer, bears, squirrels, chipmunks, eagels, ospreys and other wildlife
  • wineries and craft beer breweries
  • trucks
  • my friends

We were back in 'Beautiful British Columbia'


Anonymous said…
Hi again,
I was looking at your pix.
You take them - they are great.
And the little munchkin sitting on the giants shoulders is yours.
But hey, the giant must also be yours.
You have a lovely family.
I live in the suburb of Coburg, Melb, Vic, Australia.
My local federal member of parliament is The Honorable Member for Wills Kelvin Thomson MP. I live about a mile away from his office in Munroe St & shop across the road.
I like to keep in touch with the political arena in Australia, so they know me.
I am a grandmother of 3 munchkins.
I didn't want you to think I was some yucky person.
Stay cool girl.
Goofball said…
Hi Mira,
I'm glad you enjoyed the post and the pictures. Yes the giant and the little munchkin are mine :). I have some acquaintances in Geelong.

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