Misunderstandings, calves & foals

This first summer day of 2015 really was more a bit of a fall day. I felt as if I was getting a cold (or allergy attack...which would be odd on a rainy day, no?) My inlaws and niece were visiting us in the Ardennes and fortunately we could go out for a walk in between showers.  

I made a quick run back to the house to fetch Kabouter's hat and would catch up with the others.  So I started swiftly running behind but in the next village I phoned to check where they were...yeah about there, so I ran a bit more.  A few phone calls later, I realised we had misunderstood each other once more and we had been each going on this walk in opposite directions. While we'd almost meet again, the others had in the mean time turned around to trace in my foot steps while I had been waiting idle for a long time.   And so I could run back once again to go and meet them ahead/behind me.      Ugh, such misunderstandings sure can make everyone cranky at everyone. 

But fortunately there were a lot of baby animals on our road, wild flowers and a little Kabouter who enjoyed it all. 


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