Mountains , bears and glaciers

After we left the hot Okanogan for the 'cooler' mountain peaks, we didn't need to unpack our fleeces because the heat followed our itinerary.  So after another beach stop at Mara lake, incl baby in diaper in the water, we arrived at the Glacier House Resort north of Revelstoke. We had been there 4 years ago and loved the setting very much so we came back.  This time we didn't stay in the main lodge but got our own little cabin in the garden with hot tub on the deck... and rather interesting view on the garden visitors we'd experience later...

Mara Lake Provincial Park

Revelstoke with view on the white peaks of the Selkirk Mountain range

Glacier House Resort, just north of Revelstoke.  It's a bit a remote location and so it's less or a surprise they had had a bear/bears spotted roaming in the area.  So we were welcomed on the driveway with a warning upon our arrival.   As we were staying in a garden cabin, we could not take this idle and had to be careful what items we left on our deck.  Just imagine you'd wake up at night with a bear in your hot tub ....haha. 
After our visit to Revelstoke itself, we did spot the big cute softie (by looks) at a few 100ms from the hotel's driveway with warning sign.  No kidding, the bear was definitely in the area, fortunately acting rather shy and leaving when we slowed down the car to check him out.  I must honestly admit I am always quite excited to spot bears from the car.

It's another story when you are later on in the evening all together in the hot tub ( all snacks , sunscreen etc carefully out of the parked car and away from the terrace, safely inside the cabin) with gorgeous view on the glacier peaks  when you all of a sudden distinguish a big brown hump moving in the bushes. Oh yeah, sure enough Mr teddybear was going for an evening stroll through the hotel garden, passing at about 50m from us.   You quite understand I have not taken the time or opportunity to photograph him at that moment.  
But before Jan had jumped out of the tub and could take Kabouter from me inside,   Mr Teddybear had already proceded further on its stroll, totally uninterested by these tourists in a tub.  Phew. 
Kabouter itself was quite interested to point to the bushes "bear  bear bear" , as if he was viewing him in the zoo.   Hotel staff was far less excited at the news  about their evening visitor in the garden, 

Mr Teddybear strolled by at about this distance from us

In the tub, before Mr Teddybears visit

Mr Teddybear along the road in the afternoon

On the next day we headed for the serious mountains towards the Rockies, crossing the as serious Selkirks over the Roger's pass at Glacier National Park.   We took some short hikes at Mount Revelstoke National Park, a 'small' park we had already driven through along hwy 1 in the past but we had never stopped before.  I'm sure glad we had done this as there was not a single hike or parking stop open at Glacier National Park.  Not a single one.  Not one.   We couldn't even have a nice pick-nick along a creek or so.    According to one of the rangers at the information center, there was either snow on the trails (yep, we could see that along the Roger's Pass)  or bears and avalanche risk at the lower stops.   We had had the same disappointment 4 years ago but then I figured it was because BC had had an exceptionally long severe winter while now it was the opposite.  But lesson learned: season truly only opens at the end of June/ beginning of July in Glacier National Park.    We'll have to come back for a 3rd attempt.

Skunk Cabbage trail hike, Mt Revelstoke Nt Park

Giant Ceder's boardwalk, Mt Revelstoke Nt Park

Roger's pass

Roger's Pass, Glacier Nt Park

Much earlier than anticipated we arrived in Golden (for a much needed postponed lunch) where we drove up to see the closed ski hill resort, at which we crossed another big furry friend along the road.


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