Reunited again with my 4 host families

As breathtaking the Canadian nature might be, our vacations there are always about meeting my friends and families again.  Every so many years we meet either in BC  or some-one visits us here e.g. at our wedding.  When coming back from my exchange 20 years ago I wouldn't have dared to hope I'd keep seeing each other with regular intervals of max 5 years but we do and it's fanatistic.  But it's also never frequent enough and long enough.   Fortunately we had planned in more time than 4 years ago.   Nevertheless due to some conflicting agenda's, some meetings were very brief but even if we need to make our itineraries on the road match at some place to have at least lunch together somewhere, we make it work. 

And then of course, we must do some photo sessions, long or short, serious or more and more silly. Precious memories for the future!

I miss you all so much! I'll be back, I promise!!!!!!


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