Change of plans

We intended to go to the Ardennes but heard a voice-mail from some friends in the morning whether we had not received their invitation and whether we'd come to their party that night.
The answer to the first question was "no" but since we don't see them that often yet always enjoy their yearly summer party, we changed plans and decided to go to the party after all.  We had no babysit so last minute but would take Kabouter along for as long as he'd keep up.

So all of a sudden we were in Leuven in the weekend with time to do some shopping that had been on the less urgent to do list.   And in between the shopping we enjoyed some ice-cream or appetizers downtown.   Great change of plans :)

The change of plans also resulted into a new haircut: Much to my delight there were also some cancellations at the hairdresser's and I could get in last minute.  Yeay, finally some of that hair that annoyed in my face lately to be cut.   When I told her how it annoyed me lately and that it usually resulted in a quickly made pony tail with an elastic. So either it had to be cut very limitedly (so I could continue my pony tails) or it had to be cut much more drastically out of my neck & face.   We chose for the latter.

And so I was ready to meet up with friends, hang out in the garden and enjoy the warm summer evening with some drinks while a bunch of very excited kids were running around, ate way too many cookies and adopted Kabouter in their midst.


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