If ...then

  • If I make my sandwiches to bring to work for lunch, then you can bet my colleagues have just brought their best most deliciously smelling left-overs or are tossing a very original salad freshly made in the kitchen or …. While I nibble full of envy on my dull sandwiches.
  • If we want to have our lunch outside at work, as usual in summer, we are within 5 minutes attacked by a dozen wasps…They are such a plague this summer and we have found & estinguished one nest but that wasn’t sufficient.  Where another nest could be remains a mystery.
  • If I feel very tired all day and really plan to go to bed early, then of course I get a second breath in the evening and I fail my good resolution   (alternatively, then Kabouter decides to sing a bit in his bed for the first hour or so for us to enjoy through the baby monitor).
  • If my little man gives me a hug, then I wish I could stop time and hold & squeeze him forever. Unfortunately he’s usually gone, off to the next adventure within a few seconds.
  • If Kabouter is doing something really sweet or funny, then he stops of course as soon as I have taken a camera to record it.
  • If you have a rash or excema going on that stubbornly doesn't go away, then it takes weeks to get an appointment at the dermatologist....at which point probably all of the rash will have magically disappeared . I bet you.
  • If you get a new renovated office at work and you brag about the nice new airco, then it starts leaking and breaks down due to wrong installation within 10 days, splashing a lot of water on your laptop (and the technician who comes to check :p)
  • If the technician deactivates the faulty airco, then you would assume that it's going to stop leaking.  But apparently also a deactivated airco machine can restart to leak after 4 days, splashing your laptop once again and killing the docking station.
    It's an original way to go and claim a new one at IT , right?
  • If you use a social community based GPS to avoid traffic jams (Waze) then you hope there's active editors in the region you drive through that are up to date with new construction sites.  Unfortunately last week on my commute from and to work I seemed to be constantly  hitting new construction sites on my road that had yet not been reported yet (which I did then...hope the other drivers thank me).
  • If you really want to make a 10-point bullet list, then your mind goes blank after 9 bullets


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