Walking up and down the water in Copenhagen (part II)

On Saturday we completed our walk after some culinary stops with a visit to Kastellet, the fortifications in the port and then returned with a passed -out Kabouter back via the Seabus to the city center where we headed to the amusement park Tivoli. 

At Tivoli, we met up with one of Jan's study mates who already lives in Copenhagen for 2 decades. We had some drinks, got some food , walked along all the amusement attractions and then watched a Rasmus Klump show with Kabouter (known in Belgium as a cartoon 'Pol'). He watched it in great concentration, interrupted now and then enthousiastically started waving  and pointing to "BUMBA".   Sure, why would Bumba always have to be yellow? In Denmark , Bumba is a brown Rasmus and Kabouter was really glad to have seen it.

In the evening we were tired enough to eat in one of the hotel's restaurants and Kabouter discovered the tastiness of a pile of kroepoek.


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