Welcome at our magnificent view ...at a dramatic view

We stayed in the Radisson at the edge of Christianshaven in Copenhagen which gives with its >25 stories a great view over the city. Really nice  to get ready to explore the city. 

But when we arrived from the airport we had seen several fire trucs + ambulances with ladders up at the backside of the hotel.  I didn't see smoke and was wondering if there was an exercise or inspection or ... At check in all seemed quiet and normal so I didn't think much of it anymore until Jan checked out the view and looked down.
"Ok, you don't want to look down"

Turns out he had the dramatic view of a victim (fallen/jumped ???) on the roof of the restaurants that stick out of the hotel many floors lower than us, that was being covered and taken off by the fire department. 

Hmm all of a sudden you don't care so much for your beautiful view anymore. 


Anonymous said…
Jakkes. Dan zou ik ook minder om dat uitzicht geven ...
Gisteren bij het naar huis rijden was er een man vanop de tunnel op de rijbaan gesprongen. Je staat in de file, kijkt om te zien wat er aan de hand is en... opeens kon die file me toch ook niet meer schelen.
Jenn said…
That does put it into perspective doesn't it.

Goofball said…
yeah it puts it in perspective.

All evening I had to think of the victim and the story of his/her life that lead to this, but also of the person who had discovered or seen the tragedy, the paramedics that had to get on that roof, the people that had to inform the family, ...

So many people involved in this tragedy, whose day ended in devastation. How sad!

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