Sometimes feels so weird and wrong to blog here about all the little things in my life, happy pictures of toddlers, stories about city trips, ...all trivial things in a happy bubble

  • while each day stories and pictures cross us of dead refugees, adults and children, whose pursuit of a better safe life ended without happy end.
  • while we see the rows of refugees seeking asylum in all European countries are growing while politicians are preoccupied in closing borders and making our social services less available to refugees.
  • while even way more shocking compatriotes make very hateful comments on online news articles about the ongoing events
  • while incredible atrocities keep on happening at the neighboring countries of the EU
  • while the daily news more and more leaves me with a sick feeling

I see pictures of children that should be playing the same silly games as Kabouter, who should be building sand castles on the beach or camping in a city park because that is a fun adventure, who would need to pre-occupied as well whether they'll get another cookie like Kabouter

I try not to see those images because the contrast with Kabouter is too big, but we all have to watch them.  They are reality.


Jennifer Brown said…
I often feel the same way I try to avoid the news but like you said it's reality. I guess I often try to be grateful for all the wonderful things I have.

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