Transition to 3-4 word sentences

Not only is the frequence I can publish a new post with Kabouter's words here, increasing fast, he has also made the transation during August of saying words to saying short (3-word) sentences.

So now we hear all the time things like this:

"Kabouter bed slaap"  (Kabouter bed sleep)
"Papa kast koek"  (daddy cupboard cookies)
"Oei auto nat, nog auto nat"  (oops car wet, another car wet)
"Papa gedaaaaaaan douche"  (daddy is done in the shower....confirmation you get from the little one as soon as you close the tap)
"Kabouter  tas,  mama tas, papa tas "  (he points to all our cups at the breakfast table, assigning which one belongs to whom)
"Nog wit choco daaaaa"   (he points where we need to add a bit extra white chocolate paste on his plate)
"Nie kaka"  (he confirms he didn't poo, sometimes with a bit insulted expression when I'm checking after all)
"Auw pijn daa, mama pijn, jaaa"  (pointing to a point where it would hurt)
"papa, iaaaap hopla kijk kijk"  (daddy, come and help I want to watch Hopla)

He's also actively answering to questions that if we ask them smartly (yes/no answers...) we can have small conversations that allow us to have a pre-view what's going on in his little head but also proofs that he understands a way bigger vocabulary than what he produces himself.


Jennifer Brown said…

It's so great (and cute) when they start to talk. It's one of my faourite times with my boys. I could understand them and it made it so much easier to figure out what they want too.

Yeah Kabouter!


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