Changes in my life from July until March

(I started this post last summer before anyone knew that I was pregnant again)
  • No more alcohol / Always designated driver 
  • Ignoring all fashion store doesn't make sense to buy any of their clothes now anyway as I won't fit in them for a while
  • I always have an excuse to snack
  • I always have an excuse to go to the bathroom
  • I don't sleep through the night anymore due to multiple bathroom trips at night
  • Hating my lunch sandwiches because I can't put any paté, américain préparé, raw ham or salami on it anymore. How dull :(
  • I have long nails again and fast growing hair
  • I never feel alone
  • If you ask me how things are going, 90% probability I'll answer that I'm tired.  On that note, I go to bed earlier.
  • Coffee tastes disgusting. So do bubbles.  
update at 5-6 months
  • Actually coffee is not that badly tasting this time.
  • Turns out I have to be on a very strict diet against pregnancy diabetes: so yes for snacking but (almost) no to sugar and carbs.  Pff
  • It becomes such a chore to pick up something on the floor, tie my shoes, roll out of the sofa or bed.   Very practical since the doctor advises me to wear as often as possible compression stockings that are hard to put on. 
  • I wake up at night because of painfull leg/foot cramps again. 
  • I'm out of breath after climbing a staircase


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