Munich day 1

After our dilemma, we got on the plane and left for a weekend in Munich.  We took it rather easy, both for Kabouter as for me and strolled the streets of the nice city center a bit.  Fortunately it was a nice sunny winter day.

Everywhere in Munich there seems to be a Christmas market: in all the pedestrian shopping streets, in the square in front of the city hall, at the court yeard of the city hall, at the court yard of the residence palace, at the entrance gates of the city, etc...Even at the square in between the airport terminal and the airport train station.  Literaly everywhere!
The one at the residence palace had a nice little area without commercial stands but with Angels, talking rain deer, Santa, etc... very nice for Kabouter and other children! He liked the Christmas trees with lights, the stars which were 'sea stars' to him at first , the lights and all the goodies for sale...Lots to see and discover for his eyes!

No Heisser Hugo for me this winter 

After nap time (after all he still had pneunomia) (yeaaay, any reason to ride the metro back and forth to our hotel was fun for him!), we went to the winter festival Tollwood at the terrains of the Octoberfest.  The site was impressive by its size full of huge festival tents full of Christmas markets, restaurants, bar area's, a dozen of well organised toilet container clusters at every few 100m ... and the sheer mass of people that got out there, brought by special metro's and guided by stewards to the terrain. This was a multitude of all the Christmas markets in the city center together! 
It was much harder there to look around with the little one while trying to move through the crowd and not lose one another, so we checked it out shortly and then returned to the city center. But also there the crowds had increased a lot and we ended up searching for quite a while for a restaurant where we could find a spot and sit and eat at ease a short walk outside of the historic city center.


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