Munich Day 2

On Sunday we still took it easy and we took Kabouter on his promised (hop on hop off tourist) bus ride...the more transport in a weekend the better for this little boy: planes, trains, metro and now a bus. He was delighted.

So we toured a bit through Munich also through area's we had not walked.  Such a bus in winter is not ideal for picture taking but oh well, I was only snapping some now and then with my phone anyway. For some reason I couldn't be bothered this weekend to drag my big camera along and take 100's of pictures as I tend to do. By the end of the tour our little boy had passed out (and when looking at the picture now, I see he was not the only passenger asleep).

We had just a little bit of time left to quickly enter the Englisher Garter,  the world's biggest city center park.   After a short stroll we reached the Japanese tower and... the Christmas market there. That's where Sinterklaas was visiting as well.

After that quick visit, it was time to pack up in the hotel and go to the airport, where we checked out the last Christmas market of the weekend, the stores, the tires of displayed cars, the airplanes...until our sweetheart crashed asleep again :-).


Anonymous said…
Oh E, your little boy is beautiful!! Hugs and much love and Happy Christmas.

love Always FXOXO

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