Reunion at the kids carrousel at the Aachen Christmas market

It's the 3rd year where we seem to visit plenty of Christmas markets in December. After spending a weekend at those in Munich, we crossed the German border again previous Sunday to go to the one in Aachen. That historic city has a really nice one and is really just 10 kms from the Belgian border...only a 20 min detour from our itinerary home from the Ardennes.

We went the first time 2 years ago, with Kabouter as a little baby hanging on our tummy, to meet one of our dive friends. He is part-time dive instructor in Sharm - El -Sheikh where we've met several times and he's part-time running a kids carroussel at fairs and at the Aachen Christmas market in Germany.  A quick message on FB confirmed that he was at his regular spot at the Christmas market again and so we drove up.

It was a happy brief reunion. While we were catching up with dive stories, Sharm - El - Sheikh updates, terror alert impact (both in Egypt but also noticable in lesser crowds at the Christmas markets both in Belgium as in Germany), pregnancy updates,  .... Kabouter had the time of his life going round and round and round and round and round and round on the kids carroussel. Lucky bastard.

After the visit with our friend, we made another quick tour on the market (full of Belgians!) but due to the yuck drizzle weather we quickly headed back home.


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