Should we go or should we stay

So Kabouter was ill last week.   He got high fever in Amsterdam but luckily we were there by car so we had the flexibility to decide any moment to drive back home.

Usually kids have some kind of viral infection that improves within 3 days but on day 3 he still had continuously (high) fever despite the fever medication, so we went back to the doctor.  She didn't find anything worrying so we kept monitoring his progress.

The fact that we had booked previous weekend a city trip to Munich a long time ago, made it rather stressful.  It was a plane trip so if we left, we had no flexibility to return at our moment of choice. We had promotion tickets:  we'd lose them if we didn't go which would be a pity if Kabouter cured...and the doctor expected him to be better any moment.  But what if he didn't? You don't want to take that responsibility of dragging a sick kid on a trip that wouldn't give him the rest he needed (neither did I want to sit 48 h locked-up in a hotel room with a feverish boy.).

Big dilemma, pretty stressful to decide, so we were back in the doctor's office for more check-ups and opinions and they sent us on Friday morning to the hospital for lung radiology .
At noon we got the verdict  "He has pneumonia, he has to start antibiotics but you can go on your trip.  We have the right diagnosis and treatment now so he should be fine really soon".

Euuuuuuh...really? Pneunomia but you can go on a trip. It sounded like quite a contradiction.   I drove home with a lot of doubt and worries only to find a very happy feverfree kid at home who wanted to go "mee vliegtuig"  (come along plane).

And so we went with a suitcase full of medications but we only needed his antibiotics.  And I am glad that we didn't stay home with a "healthy" active kid.  But really, what a dilemma to solve!


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