Last week was a chaotic week, so for a moment I feared that we'd miss Sinterklaas entirely. Kabouter was home all week so missed all the fun in daycare (but he didn't realise that).  On Thursday night we showed him how to put his shoe and the lucky puzzled boy found a letter from Sinterklaas on Friday morning with candy  (and a diagnosis of pneumonia an hour later). 

We spent the weekend in Munich that was filled already with Christmas markets. While we thought that Sinterklaas had already left the continent and was on his way sailing back to Spain, we actually crossed him on the market.  So Kabouter could meet the old holy man after all.
(he convienently pointed to all Santa Claus figures and claimed them to be Sinterklaas as well)

That triggered our attempt to put a shoe once again on Sunday night since Kabouter had been so great in Munich.  And he was lucky: he found a German singing tractor and a German book in his shoe the next day ;).  While leaving Munich, Sinterklaas had made one last stop at our house but now he is definately back in Spain.


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