2 friends at the playground

Kabouter developed over the last months a really nice friendship with some of the other kids his age at daycare. That's rather early to have a real friendship, but you can notice that the boys miss each other when the other is away on vacation or home ill etc and they can't see each other for a while. The caregivers also noticed that they've really bonded and when they meet each morning there is a lot of excitement.  The fun thing is that one of them is also going to start in the same class/ school in spring (a bit after Kabouter does).

So lately they started to facetime each other when they haven't seen each other a long time (yes seriously, Kabouter has a facetimefriend at the age of +2years). And in the Christmas vacation we all got together to play at a playground. Ha, the joy when the 2 boys noticed each other was so fun and contageous. 


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