2015 review

January 2015

Kabouter started to express more and more words, so we started to discover which was on the little boy's mind. Most of the time that was still his favourite baby cartoon figure "Bumba".

I had ended 2014 ill and started 2015 still a bit ill but at the end of January we left on a weekend get-away with a Bongo gift certificate and explored the icy cold but beautiful Friesland (NL).

February 2015

Winter in 2015 was long and brought a few times a thick pack of snow in the Ardennes. We enjoyed a couple of weekends snow walks and sledging with Kabouter. 

March 2015

Early March I had a business meeting on a Monday in Vienna. We didn't doubt very long before booking the flight(s) already on Friday evening and profit from a family city trip in this city full of palaces, parks and musicians. 

April 2015

On April 12th, I slept with many many other people on the street in a mini cardboard shelter to celebrate/claim April 12th as the International Day of the Street Child.  It was organised by the volunteers of Mobile School and got a lot of national media coverage. 

A few weeks later we headed to Stockholm for a weekend where we experienced the first nice Spring days. 

May 2015

In May we celebrated my nephews communion with a very nice family party.

June 2015
At the end of May and the beginning of June, we were on vacation on a roadtrip through beautiful British Columbia : always a bit of homecoming. I loved being back in the country of mountains, glaciers, lakes, bears, forests and enjoyed discovering the blossoming craft beer.  

 Of course the reunion with my Canadian host families was precious and too short each time.

July 2015

In July 2015 Jan and I became aware that we were expecting our 2nd child. For the rest of the summer, it was our little news that we kept internal for the first weeks.

So later on in the month when we celebrated my parent's anniversary during their visit with us in the Ardennes, I had to fake drinking my bubbles ;). 

August 2015

Mid August we combined once again a business trip with a weekend city-trip to Kopenhagen in Denmark. 

September 2015

My youngest nephew was born in September. How cute to have such a little one in the family again. And he'll soon get company!

October 2015
We enjoyed some very nice fall walks  in October and enjoyed the changing colors of the trees.

November 2015
For the 2nd year in a row we left in November for a week to suck up the sun in Gran Canaria just before winter would arrive. Unlike many other trips we do, this one was meant to be lazy so we spent most of the time right at the edge of the pool. 

December 2015
We almost had to cancel our plans due to Kabouter being ill, but we manage to hang out a weekend at the Christmas markets in Munich. Later on we also had a short visit at the Christmas market in Aachen where we met-up with a dive friend.

The rest of the month was hectic at work due to changed plans given the Brussels terror alert, due to my pregnancy diabetes diagnosis and my search for a balanced diet, due to the Mobile School Duw Mee charity walk preparations, ... 


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