A weekend without Kabouter

Previous weekend we were childless at home, which was quite strange. The house was very very silent: no baby phone, no toddler conversations, no noisy toys, no youtube movies or cartoons on tv.

Kabouter went for a weekend to my sister's, to practice when he will need to stay over at someone else's place as well when baby #2 is coming in a few weeks. The 2 cousins were super enthousiast to be together, so I didn't have to worry at all about them. 

My sister carefully logged a diary on all the activities of Kabouter so we could read in all detail about his weekend, complete with a large set of accompanying pictures, proofing indeed how much fun he had.

For us it took some adjustment what we'd plan to do in the weekend.   Lots of chores on our list, but I didn't want to work all weekend either.  On the other hand, I truly don't have the feeling I'm missing out much quality time with Jan because of Kabouter...we seem to do pretty much what we feel like doing and usually just take Kabouter along.  I just felt like going out for a really fancy dinner, but that's not really possible with my current diabetes diet. We made it to a Thai anyway where I tried to size my portion of rice etc.


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