The pregnant brain

  • Last week I put in a load of dirty wash in the laundry machine.   A few hours later I hear the machine is quiet so I descend to transfer that load into the dryer.

    A bit to my surprise the laundry is already quite dry...must have really tumbled well.

    A bit more to my surprise the stains on Kabouter's bibs are still horribly visible.

    When I finally smell the laundry, I realise it has never been turned and I am transferring dirty laundry into the dryer.   I've never hit the start button of that machine.

  • The next day I go downstairs to take out a (different) load out of the dryer, only to find it soaking wet.   ooops....gotta learn to hit that start button on the machines!!
  • Kabouter has to brush his teeth and he has his toothbrush in his hands and I start searching the tooth paste. Where on earth is the tooth paste?  Hey Jan, did you put the tooth paste on a different spot?   Hmmm, weird, why would it have disappeared.

    ...Jan comes to help...."euh, the tooth paste is right in front of your eyes at the sink, where it always sits".  
    "Oh yes, there it is. Huh why did I not see it?"
  • I got up from breakfast this week to leave for work and I start searching my phones.  Where are my phones? Not at the dinner table, not in my purse, not in my jacket! Huh, I just had them before, where are they.

    OOOoooh there they are, right at my spot at the breakfast table where I got up from to start searching my phones. 
  • This morning I sit lazily in the sofa after breakfast and wonder where my latte is. Where is my cup??
    Oh damn, forgot to bring it from the kitchen, it's still at the coffee machine.

    Hmm an empty cup under the coffee machine. Clearly I didn't make my latte yet, I still have to hit that start button. Damn you , machines with a start button. 

It's good to have a valid excuse for these things ;). They are sort of funny. Fortunately I seem to still function pretty well at work. Having organised & delivered 2 workshop/trainings in the previous 2 weeks and hit some other deadline (which failed horrible the year before). So I think I am still kicking ass at this 8 month pregnancy.  And I managed to send out Kabouter for a little vacation weekend at my sister's with a full suitcase of all the things he needs in those 48hours .   But then all of a sudden I go "where is ...." for the stuff that tends to be right in front of my eyes :).


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