Welcome to our Beer(tje)

Even though my body was clearly preparing itself in the weekend, my hope for a spontaneous labour process didn't happen. So we met our appointment last week at the hospital for the planned induction of our little one,  who wasn't allowed to wait those last couple of days until I was full term due to my pregnancy diabetes.

Fortunately they didn't launch it more than necessary in order to allow my body to take over the process. Unfortunately that also meant hours of waiting for something to happen in the delivery room.  But then labour started, built up quite heavily and several hours later, I could welcome our little Beertje (little bear) on my chest.  A new precious wonder complete, to treasure, to hold, to love. 


Anonymous said…
Van harte gefeliciteerd!
Jennifer Brown said…
Congratulations!! Glad that he arrived safe and sound. Hope you are both doing well.
Sponzen ridder said…
Wat een schatje.

Dikke Proficiat!

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